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We’ve all heard about the benefits of natural stone body jewelry; it’s environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic, hardy, and beautiful to look at, as each piece of stone is unique unto nature.  But what about the actual meaning of semi precious stones and the feelings they’re said to promote in accordance with their color and properties?  There are several long-held beliefs when it comes to the powers and energies of natural stones, so sit back and have a listen, and what you read just might surprise you.

Because there are so many naturally derived semi-precious stones that jewelry can incorporate, we’ll split the selection into two groups alphabetically.  Today we cover A through L.  Ready?

Agate– Is believed to eliminate anger, cleanse natural energies, and enhance courage, creativity, and man’s connection to nature.

When to wear it: while walking or hiking outdoors, while gardening, for doing art projects, or when joints ache (it’s thought that agate, especially blue and purple agates, help with arthritis pain)

Astrological signs: Virgo

Birthstone for May (green) and June (blue)

Amazonite– Is thought to aid communication, dispel negative energy, and promote self-confidence.

When to wear it: for public speaking, problem solving, and if you have a cold (the belief is that this stone is connected to your throat chakra and helps relieve neck aches and soar throats)

Astrological signs: Virgo

Amethyst– Is said to promote awareness and clarity, and to protect.

When to wear it: to help calm anxiety, to improve intuition, and to help insomnia (it is believed that amethyst aids in getting rid of insomnia by relieving stress and helping to alleviate nightmares)

Astrological Signs: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, and Virgo

Birthstone for February and June

Argenon Opalite– Is supposed to help with insight into problems and sorting of information.

When to wear it: to stimulate logical thinking for business solutions, bolster persistence, and help your sixth sense (belief dictates that opalite opens the third eye)

Blue Goldstone– Is touted as a stabilizer of mood and a source of vitality

When to wear it: if you need energy or headache relief (because it’s rich in copper, the stone is believed to assist in relieving headaches)

Coral– Is thought to bolster imagination and aid visualization.

When to wear it: for getting past writer’s block, during sports visualization techniques, and while meditating (the coral is said to help quiet the mind and bring peace)

Fluorite– Is said to help boost intellect, balance energy, and strengthen the analytical mind.

When to wear it: for group projects at work or in college, to assist in accounting or compiling of information, and if you catch a bug (the belief is that fluorite helps the body get rid of viral infections like the flu)

Astrological Signs: Capricorn and Pisces

Howlite– Is believed to promote tranquility, quell selfishness, and assist in memory.

When to wear it: to help clarify your emotions, when studying for tests, and to prevent road rage (the idea is that the howlite calms rage and rudeness, even on the road)

Jade – Is touted as a good luck charm, booster of longevity, and aid in realizing truth and wisdom.

When to wear it: To ward off bad luck, while reading to learn, and when trying to grow long hair (in many Eastern cultures, Jade is said to help people live long and well by bolstering immunities and keeping the body healthy, including the hair!)

Astrological Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra

Birthstone for August

Jasper– Is supposed to protect from negativity, impart courage and strength of mind, and assist transition.

When to wear it: while performing community services or volunteering, and when you have an upset stomache (it’s believed that Jasper aids in balancing the digestive tract)

Birthstone for October

Lapis– Is thought to assist in spiritual development, and promote harmony and organization.

When to wear it: when you need help verbalizing clearly or persuasively, or if you have sinus problems (because of its connection to energies surrounding the ears, nose, and throat, the stone is thought to assist with vertigo and sinus pressure issues)

Birthstone for September

Stay tuned for part two of this article, where we’ll complete the semi-precious gemstones alphabetically M through Z.

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