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Piercing Couple Looking for Shops

Location, Location, Location!

How easy is it to simply ask your phone to find you the nearest location for whatever you're looking for?

"Ok Google, find body piercing shops near me!"

This is certainly a quick way to find what you're looking for, but in the case of body piercings, it might be worth your while to spend a bit more time finding the right shop/piercing professional.

It's one thing to find the nearest restaurant by asking Siri... But it's another thing to think about body modification based on the quickest result! So here are some other tips for finding the right piercer that are a little deeper than proximity.

Ear Cartilage Piericngs

What Makes A Good Piercing Shop/Piercer?

We're not saying proximity shouldn't be a factor in your search for the right piercing shop. In fact, the piercer closest to your home may in fact be the best shop in your area! But there are other things to look for besides being nearby. Being certified, having a brick and mortar studio, or being present on social media doesn't mean that the piercer popping up on your phone has the correct experience for what you're looking for.

Once you've found a location you're interested in, browse their website and social media accounts. You should be able to find a piercing portfolio, some online reviews, and get an idea of what the shop looks like. Does the shop look clean? Are the reviews generally good? Do you notice an autoclave in the shop? These factors are all necessities to consider if you're looking to get a 10/10 piercing.

Although this isn't a requirement, you can also check to make sure that your piercer is certified by the APP (Association of Professional Piercers). While this certification wont guarantee an amazing piercing, it is indication that the piercer is pursuing continued education and has been vetted by an organization that cares about the art of body modification.

Belly button ring

Make A Phone Call

Don't be afraid to call a shop before you head in! 

At the end of the day, piercers want you to get pierced, but they also want you to leave with a perfect, well-executed mod... After all, your new piercing is going to be a walking advertisement for their work.

Any reputable piercer should be open and honest with you about their experience level. Especially in the case of a rarer piercing, they may even point you in the
direction of someone who is more qualified.

Ashley piercing

There's No Substitute for Experience

Most piercers are probably used to more run-of-the-mill piercings like nose rings, belly button rings, or septum piercings... But if you want something more complicated, it's worth your while to find a piercer that has experience in your mod of choice.

Piercings of the tongue, for example, rely heavily on correct placement - and it's not worth putting your oral health at risk just to save a few hours because someone's a bit closer to you.

Keep in mind that, even though pro piercers probably do hundreds and hundreds of nose rings, each appointment is going to be different. No two noses are exactly the same. The piercer must calculate location and the angle at which to pierce, and take into considerations factors like the thickness of your nose cartilage and what type of jewelry you're interested in wearing. There's more science behind a good piercing than you might think!

Septum Piercing

Don't Be Afraid To Travel

Like we said earlier, if you want to get a nose piercing or your earlobes pierced, most shops can probably handle that with no issue. When it comes to your nipples, genitals, or something rarer like a medusa or a septril, those are best left to the absolute pros.

It's important to shop at local businesses - which includes supporting your local piercing studio. Rural towns may have an amazing piercer who simply doesn't perform a ton of a specific body mod. This is why it's so important to make phone calls beforehand - ask your local shop straight up if they are comfortable performing the mod you're looking for. 

If your closest piercer with the proper expertise is located the next state over, make a day out of it! Grab a friend and make the day trip into something more fun. Find a restaurant in the area or some sightseeing to do. You'll thank yourself in the long run.

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