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getting Valentine's Day right

If this Valentine’s Day is starting to put a damper on your soul, rather than fill it up with hearts and goo, maybe your problem isn’t with your love interest or lack there of, but the pressures of traditional Valentine’s Day rigmarole.

The modified generation doesn’t seem to follow the sheep on the majority of old fashioned, stuffy, repetitive elements of our predecessors, so why would the Day of Love be any different? Who says you have to go to the local Walgreen’s or Rite-Aid’s Valentine’s Day section and find that perfectly red, perfectly heart-shaped box of perfectly half-delicious, half-terrible assorted chocolates? What if it doesn’t have the perfect golden script across the front? What if she doesn’t like nougat? Do you really think she’s going to hang on to that 4½” white bear filled with those tiny white balls that fall out of every carnival game stuffed animal prior to getting your goldfish home alive, as a symbol of eternal love?

 the perfect Valentine?

“But he’s polka dotted in pink hearts, Baby.  You love pink and you love polka dots…and the hearts represent my love for you.”

Get it together guys. These girls (ladies, women), though seemingly all “okay” with receiving a knockoff beanie baby or some form of puzzling assorted chocolate, (as if there is some Santa-like Saint Valentine character working painstakingly year round within a small one-bedroom apartment outside of Hershey, PA creating pheromone-infused, magic love chocolate with his big naked baby-angel archer,) aren’t really going to think they’re the cat’s pajamas just because you remembered that they like extra nuts.

 giving candy gifts for Valentine's Day

Chances are you know what she likes. Get her something she can wear or utilize for more than just the hours following the big day. Get her something that she can tell, better yet, wants to tell all of her girlfriends (and bros) about. With just a tad bit of preparation, you can think of a really creative way for this gift to pass from you to her. Think of special places, eternal memories, or perhaps take this day to create a new special place or eternal memory. Most importantly, don’t let the rigmarole ruin a perfect opportunity to give someone the gift of real love, because that alone will be the best gift you can ever give.

If you really care about this chick, and you’ve gotten this far so you must care at least a little, what you really have to think about this time of year is, what is it that you love about her? Even if you don’t love her, or find yourself “in love” with her, there is something that you do love about her. This day is not only a celebration, but a dedication. Dedicate your level of care to her with honesty, creativity and integrity. Don’t sugarcoat or fluff it up with the same garbage that everyone else does, because why would you want her to feel like every other chick?

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