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the fashion of eternal love

With all of the stories we’ve come to love in the 2010s about epic romances between amazing immortal characters, it’s no surprise that love itself has begun to take on a new meaning.  Til death do us part is just a little passé when you think about the length of a literal “forever.”

So how do you show that your love with last the test of eternal time?  By making a statement that includes the concept of infinity.  Let the world know that forever is exactly what you have in mind, and the message will be loud and lovingly clear.

 fun ifinity symbol valentine's jewelry

Whether you’re remembering the beginning way back when, or imagining a long and illustrious future together, some things just never go out of style.  And what could be more classic and timeless than a kiss?  A Hershey’s kiss, that is.  These cute, simple, highly-recognizable chocolates have been catering to the world’s secret sweet tooth since 1907, and just like true love, they show no signs of slowing down.

 official Hershey's Kiss body jewelry

A thousand years is a long time to avoid living with a broken heart.  When love gets a little dark, it’s time accessorize accordingly.  Whether you’re mourning a firework relationship that fizzled, or bemoaning the months or years you spend alone, some tastefully blackened ornamentation is the perfect way to wear your heart on your sleeve.  Just remember that anything we shatter can be mended with a lot of tender love and a little bit of time.

sweet dark heart body jewelry

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