Piercing Fashion Flash: the Pieces of the Puzzle

by Lorna

puzzle style

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we begin to think of unique and special ways to phrase our love for whomever we need to express it to.  Aside from traditional standbys (hearts, blooming posies, infinity symbols…) there’s the lesser lived-in concept of the soul mate, that one person who was made for you, to truly complete you.  So excuse us for getting a little Jerry Maguire on you there, but this season, it’s time to let somebody know that they’re one of the precious pieces that makes your puzzle whole.

fun puzzle themed body jewelry

Nobody said your soul mate(s) have to be significant others.  There’s plenty of other relationships that qualify for special treatment, especially the closer friendships that help to keep us sane.  All our soul brothers and soul sisters hold a special place in our lives, and deserve to be recognized as the anchors that they are.  Sharing something special, like a friendship belly ring set, is just a simple way to show your fellow modification queens that you’re in it for the long haul.  Whether you’re best buds, or go together like milk and cookies, here’s hoping that you’re still flaunting matching diva-approved belly jewelry when you start going gray.

sweet matching belly rings for your plus one

Sisterly love?  We got this.

by Lorna

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