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It’s the Fourth of July again, and in the midst of barbecues, fireworks, and old fashion outdoor fun, it’s easy to treat this as just another Summer holiday.  But there’s no better time than now to honor and support our US troops that are fighting abroad and training at home to protect our freedom.

Military jewelry has been a long standing tradition in the United States, from the inception of the standard issue dog tag during the Civil War, to its official adoption in 1906 (the first ones were actually round), to the redesign of civilian jewelry to support our troops following 9/11.

Dog tag style necklaces, belt buckles, earrings, patriotic body jewelry, and other accessories are a simple and open way of showing our support all year long, and items featuring red, white, and blue and showcasing our general patriotism make the perfect additional for Flag Day, Veteran’s Day, and Independence Day alike.

So for those who have a patriotic spirit, or want to support friends and family in the armed forces, now is the time to show it off.


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