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Amidst the statement necklaces, exotic bangles, and shimmering crystal body jewelry that’s been making waves this Summer, another accessory that we all love seems to have fallen by the wayside this season: the belt buckle.  For those floral dresses, layered muslin tunics, and hot Western style cut-offs, a good belt is a must, and the only thing that makes it even better is a stylish belt buckle.

Specialty buckles can accent any good style, from Western, to gothic, to urban, if the decoration of the buckle is a good color and match.  For Western style clothing, buckles with animal skin, natural wood, intricate metalwork, Western brands and logos, and turquoise are a perfect pick.

To accessorize a gothic style, from romantic to hardcore, buckles in black or dark coloring featuring gothic style crosses, skulls and skeletons, and tattoo flash art do the trick.  Spiders, crossbones, and grim reapers make a great addition to belts in snakeskin, crackle, or studded patterns.

For enhancing an urban look, belts and buckles featuring graffiti, urban branding, symbols, bright colors, and popular sports teams are the hot ticket, especially when paired with dark wash or stylized jeans and a solid color tee.

Talk about having some serious style know-how under your belt.

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