Fall Ear Jewelry Preview: Bohemian Chic

by Lorna

tribal ear jewelry for Fall(source: WGSN)

World jewelry is still going strong for Fall, and there’s a variety of ways to get in on the trend.  One of the easiest, funnest, and most versatile style tools though, is ear jewelry.

Elaborate chandelier style earrings have been popular in many Asian and European nations for decades.  And the Bollywood-inspired look is beginning to resurge in the west in a big way.  Richer, more vibrant hues, natural polished stones, decorative beading, and a variety of subtle exotic flourishes make this type of ear jewelry the perfect choice for a bohemian feel.

exotic chandelier earrings

For those who really want to push the envelope, tapers are a great way to rock the well-traveled look as well.  And for fashionistas who don’t have stretched ears, cheater tapers are an awesome option.  They give the look of mystery and tribal chic, without the commitment.  Ranging from simple to ornate and changed out as easily as regular earrings, faux tapers allow an effortless flow from one style to the next; perfect for modern girls with eclectic taste.

tribal chic cheater tapers

 Bohemian Fall fashion, here we come.

by Lorna

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