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celebrating Left Handers Day

In honor of International Left Handers’ Day, we’re breaking out our favorite in lefty-friendly items, starting with the coolest cartilage earrings on the block.  Thanks to a curved or single-sided design, these shiny little beauties come in either righty or lefty, but either way they pack a sweet and sparkly punch.

 left ear cartilage jewelry

And we all know that left nostril nose screws rock.  Popular in India and the Middle East for centuries, piercings of the left nostril are believed to aid in feminine health, and of course to boost a healthy fashion sense as well.

 left nostril nose screws

Left Handers Day is a contemporary holiday, having first been celebrated in 1976.  Over the years the festivities grew and grew, eventually culminating in a worldwide day of education, celebration, and awareness.  Even today it’s estimated that a mere ten percent or less of the world population is undeniably leftie.

As for some of the rich and famous that you might not have known were lefties, how about political players Prince William and President Barack Obama, actors Bruce Willis and Scarlett Johannson, musical icons David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, comedic personalities Ben Stiller and Tina Fey, legendary entertainers Judy Garland and Charlie Chaplin, and brilliant historical figures Benjamin Franklin, Queen Victoria, and Julius Caesar?  Another famous lefty who lurks behind the scenes is the talented Matt Groening, best known as the creator of popular cartoon sitcom “the Simpsons.”  Groening even showed his southpaw pride by making several of his best-loved characters lefties too, including Bart Simpson and everybody’s favorite neighborhood xenophobe, Ned Flanders.

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