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clear retainers for dimishing piercings

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve wished we could hide our piercings.  Whether it’s to avoid family scrutiny, comply with an employment or educational institution, or even a simple aesthetic reason, having the option of making our piercings “disappear” sure would be handy.  While we can’t help you magically close and reopen your body piercings, there is a good way to make them a lot less noticeable: with retainers.

A retainer is basically a body jewelry item that keeps a piercing open while minimizing its appearance. There are several different styles of piercing retainers, employing a variety of materials and shapes, but some of the best for truly hiding a mod are completely clear.

 body piercing retainer jewelry

These are most often made of clear acrylic, bioplast (a flexible material), borosilicate glass, or PTFE, and are usually designed to sit as flush to the skin’s surface as possible.  For many items, this is accomplished with a thin clear disc, especially in pieces designed for high profile piercings like those of the nose and lips.  For other piercings, simply the shape can work wonders, like with modifications of the nasal septum.  Here a staple or crescent shaped pieced can have its ends turned up to sit inside the nostrils, effectively making it look the septum isn’t pierced at all.

 hiding a septum piercing

No matter what the reason for hiding your piercings, keep in mind that retainers are only a temporary solution, but when used to the full extent of their ability, they’re a tool that every modification enthusiast should keep within their arsenal.  You know, (wink, nudge) just in case.

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