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From Tilda Swinton’s recurring role as the scheming White Witch in the Narnia series, to the much anticipated vision of Charlize Theron in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, the concept of the Evil Queen has certainly begun to change in recent years.  Our original visual interpretation of evil, both on-screen and off, has mostly been of ugliness or wretchedness, associated with the belief that evil itself is inherently hideous.  But the new personification of nefarious misdeeds is perhaps far more dangerous and certainly more alluring.  Evil in the form of incredible beauty?  Now that’s something we can sink our teeth into.

Various levels of the fairy tale princess trend have revealed themselves in fashion across the board, and in keeping with traditional fairy tale lore, “evil queen chic” has definitely shown it’s face too.  The general aesthetic is dark, romantic, polished, and has that perfect little flirtatious hint of “up to no good.”  So how do you get that so-gorgeous-it-must-be-illegal look?  For starters, hone your color palette.

The most universal devilishly pretty hue is deep red, but especially during the holiday season, midnight blue, ultra-shiny ebony, and hints of icy tones are perfect as well.  The way to pull it off is by going dark and mysterious, but not too painted up, and keeping piercing jewelry sparkly, yet simple.  Staying within a single color family is a guarantee of success, as always, and when in doubt, ice blue ball studs to compliment retro make-up always hint at this look in a subtle and forgiving way.

To copycat our lovely model and BodyCandy team member, Cat, you’ll need:

1. Mac matte lipstick in “Russian Red”

2. A silvery flower nose ring

3. A killer necklace that’s dark, yet feminine

4. Silver hoops

Whether you steal Cat’s style or invent your own, you’ll have a terrifyingly good time looking so cute that it’s dangerous.

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