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With the Holiday season looming, we’re all starting slowly but surely starting to catch a little of that seasonal spirit.  But how do you show that you do have cheer without committing a Holiday fashion don’t?  There’s a few festive motifs that aren’t to bold, but still let everyone know you’re ready to deck the halls.

1. Snowflakes

Snowflake jewelry, clothing, and accessories are a great way to crank up the Holiday sweetness without going overboard or getting too cutesy.  In the right combinations, they’re even downright chic.  And because they’re so simple and generally monochrome, it’s super difficult to pile on too much.

2. Candy Cane Stripes

Nothing says tree-trimming like the all familiar candy cane, and by adding touches of red and white stripes you’ll create a look that’s simple and polished, but still has a hint of festive fun.  One rule to follow: pair with solid color tops.

3. Bells

This can encompass anything from traditional and sophisticated silver bells, to actual jingle bells (in moderation of course).  The only things to remember are to keep coloring simple, try to avoid glitter, and stay away from items that make so much noise that it can be distracting.

4. Bows

The bow is a great festive touch for any occasion that demands a little something extra, but for Holiday season cocktail parties and dinner get-togethers it’s absolutely perfect.  Bows remind everyone of Christmas wrap, and because they’re small and feminine, they’re almost impossible to overdo.  If you’re mixing metallic bow jewelry with bows made out of real ribbon, just keep in mind that ribbon colors should stay within the same family.

Now you’re ready for everything the Holidays and Holiday parties have to offer!  …Except a visit from the fashion police.

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