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As some of you may not be aware, I’ll start by saying that today is an unofficial Holiday simply called World Peace Day.  I say unofficial, because the Holiday itself appears to be a grassroots movement gently set into motion by a single individual: Don Morris, or as he has come to be known in recent years, “Peace Guy.”

Don’s idea was simple.  He wanted to create a day of celebration, learning, hope, and perhaps most of all change, in an attempt to end the less savory aspects of human existence and strive for peace.  A day for reaching out to our fellow man regardless of things like race, age, and gender, and rediscovering the universal truth behind all life: that we’re in it together.

Now, you might be thinking, isn’t there already an International Peace Day?  The short answer is yes, but the general feeling is that “International Day of Peace,” was created and promoted by the United Nations, and as such adopts a more political agenda.  World Peace Day, however, has no boundaries, no borders, no geography.  It’s meant to be celebrated around the globe as a force to end war, corruption, greed, pollution, prejudice, censorship, and hate.

On the fashion side of things, it’s worth noting that just prior to this year’s Holiday, fabulous clothing company United Colors of Benetton released their new add campaign.  The somewhat controversial project called Unhate features a series of doctored prints showing world leaders pecking each other on the lips, and a short film by Laurent Chanez.  Though some have questioned the strange and provocative series of adverts, the message is clear: strive for a peaceful world through cessation of hostilities and dissolving of rivalries.

Some of the things we can all do to actively celebrate World Peace Day?

1. Show our support for peace by wearing jewelry and clothing sympathetic to the cause.

2. Join the paper crane movement.  The crane is a symbol of peace and a movement has sprung up to fold origami cranes and publicly display them.  Peace Guy’s suggestion is to use your unwanted junk mail for this purpose.  (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle folks!)  Here’s how to do it:

3. Start your own offshoot of this movement at home by promoting support of peace, adoption of the crane symbol, and the use of earth friendly accessories within your group of friends.

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