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Searching for gifts that seem expensive but are really a steal?  Want to give someone a thoughtful present in their favorite styles or colors without breaking the bank? Just pull together your own gift sets!

For those with belly piercings:

With this compiled gift set, your recipient gets a full size bottle of H2Ocean brand Piercing Aftercare Spray, a belly ring bonus pack for several interchangeable looks, a pretty dangling belly ring for special occasions, and as many colorful acrylic designs as you’d like to give.  The exact set here is in coordinated pinks inspired by the ongoing princess trend, and all together costs just $25.94.

To recreate it:  Choose a belly ring from our clearance section (just 99 cents and up), grab your aftercare spray, then pick three banana bell navel rings from our $1.99 section, and a belly ring bonus pack starting at just $4.99.  Good to go!

For those with tongue piercings:

In this set, you’ll find three standard tongue rings (shown in logo style, striped, and marble), a bottle of H2Ocean Aftercare Mouthwash, one silicone 3D rose barbell, and a bonus pack of cool and colorful interchangeable animal print pieces. The exact set here is a retro inspired pairing centered around ravishing and trendy red.  Total cost: $22.94.

To recreate it: Pick 3 straight tongue barbells in your favorite colors and styles from our $1.99 barbell section (they actually start at 99 cents!), choose your mouthwash flavor, find a sweet 3D tongue ring from our clearance section, and then snatch up a barbell bonus pack starting at just $4.99.  Pretty sweet, right?

For those with several piercings and tattoos:

This set of essentials includes H2Ocean Tattoo Aftercare Cream and Aftercare Mouthwash, Dr. Piercing Hole-istic Piercing Aftercare Swabs, a clear velvet lined jewelry box for easy storage of all those small jewelry pieces, and a bonus pack full of stainless steel replacement balls.  All this totals just over $31.

To recreate this set: Choose piercing and tattoo aftercare products accordingly, pick out a replacement ball bonus pack in the proper size (starting at $3.99), select your favorite jewelry box, and you’re ready to fly.

This method of compiling special gift sets in accordance with your recipient’s taste in style, color, and decoration is usable for just about anything from earrings to toe rings, and because you hand picked the gifts, the whole collection will retain a personal feel that speaks to your rapport.  Happy Holiday gifting!

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