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So now that most of our Christmas shopping is done (most of it, right?) there are a few other things that all of us are thinking about, like what we’re going to wear to all of those awesome holiday soirees. Are there people you want to look good for? How about someone in particular that you want to look great for?  Well then the bling is definitely the thing this winter for holiday parties.

We’ve all seen the reinvention of the princess trend, but if princess is a little too girly and not enough gorgeous, the jewel encrusted look might be the perfect plan for you. Designers everywhere have spent the entire pre-winter season coming out with opulent, chic, and youthfully sophisticated gem paved fare, and the ticket to holiday accessory bliss is to follow their example.

Like the look? Well now we’re going to show you how to get it for a whole lot less green with the same super-dose of glam. The key is to pick one focal point where the clustering of gems will really accentuate your natural beauty. If you have lovely, dainty wrists, pick a bracelet, and for long, slender fingers and x-mas worthy manicures, a ring. To draw attention to your gorgeous eyes, choose a stunning nose ring, and for cocktail dresses that show off a well-worked midsection or have sheer cut-outs, set your sights on a sparkling belly ring.

So now that we’ve chosen the what, it’s time to choose the which, as in, which color scheme. Color matching in this situation might not make the best statement, as it allows some of your mega-what accessory’s oomph to blend into the background, so for most colors, it’s advisable to stay within the same family (warms, cools, neutrals…) instead.  Pairing citrine and amber with warm red makes a well coordinated pop.  And the same goes for aquas and cool pinks with royal blue.  For white, charcoal stones are a heavy hitter, and with black any color gem goes and adding golden tones will give an extra nudge of nuveau riche.

Our final step: put on your crystal bling, and watch all of the attention in the room turn towards you. Mission sparklingly accomplished.

Beauty Tip: To draw attention to perfectly pouty lips, a pair of dangling statement earrings does wonders.  Just keep the earrings monotone and the lips glossed, and because the dangles fall right in line with your mouth, eyes will go exactly where you want them to, and no one will be the wiser.

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