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Sagittarius  11/23-12/21

The party animal in you loves to go wild with uv reactive bioplast barbells and enthusiasm-ridden brights, and the faithful optimism that Sagittarius is famous for acknowledges that there are no mistakes when it comes to boldness and freedom of expression in the world of body jewelry. This month, give yourself license to nourish your creativity by getting that new tattoo or piercing, exploring new colors or styles you’ve been pining over, or designing your own custom accessories that are one of a kind. The confidence boost you’ll gain from reconnecting with your inner self will carry you throughout the second half of December with a feeling of accomplishment and purpose.

Patterns, oversized gem settings, and flirty color combinations are definitely the centaur’s claim to fame, and your adventurous side is generally more than willing to try anything in fashion at least once. Some of the moment pieces that any Sag can add to a blossoming jewelry wardrobe?  Clear piercing jewelry and oversized cocktail rings.

Jewelry Helping Hint: To enhance your inner journey, a shamballa bracelet to use for meditation and intuitive introspection may be an investment to look into before the 2011 year comes to a close.  Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also based on a centuries old Buddhist tradition surrounding the mythical Tibetan city of enlightenment.

Lucky jewelry number for 2011: 10

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