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We’ve all done it. In a hurry to change out an earring or a belly ring, without thinking you lean over the sink and you hear that dreaded noise of a piece of your jewelry hitting the bottom of the sink, then it disappears. Followed by some yelling, obscenities, angrily tossing the rest of jewelry into the trash… BUT WAIT, don’t do that!

There’s a whole world of replacement parts out there ready to save the day. Most often it’s just the ball end of a piece of jewelry slips through your fingers and is gone forever. Why waste a perfectly good piece of jewelry? Get yourself a replacement ball.

These pieces work with externally threaded body jewelry, and are available based on gauge size. (14 or 16 gauge)

For those accidents with a captive ring (or BCR), you’re going to need a different type of replacement ball that will hold the jewelry ends in place.

For those of us who have a nasty habit of losing the ball ends more frequently, we sell bonus packs of replacement balls, available in both 14 and 16 gauge.

In the unfortunate event that you lose the shaft of a stainless steel or bioplast piece of jewelry, we also have those replacement parts available, as well as o-rings for plugs!

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