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What is a Monroe Piercing?
Also known as the Madonna or Chrome Crawford, this is a piercing that resembles a beauty mark that is placed off to one side and directly above the upper lip. Placement is towards the corner of the mouth and about 5/16 to 1/2 inch above the lip line.

The Process
The piercer will begin by cleaning and marking the area. Often the client will be asked to smile after the temporary marking has been placed , to see how the piercing will sit in other positions than neutral and make sure it will look good. The piercer will use a set of clamps to grasp the upper lip and pull it straight up vertically away from the mouth. This ensures a straight piercing. Consideration must be taken with this piercing as to where the back of the jewelry will sit, as to minimize the risk of damage to the teeth and gums. The needle will be pushed through, corked, and then followed through from the underside of the lip with the desired jewelry. Depending on the client’s taste this could be a plain ball or gem. The area will be cleaned again and then the piercer will give the client their care instructions.

After & Healing
The upper lip has the tenancy to swell for a few days after, this is common and subsides quickly. This piercing takes about 2-3 months or longer, depending on the client’s natural healing capabilities and the care given to it. Initial jewelry is usually a 14 gauge but can range between 16 – 12. The post will be fairly long to accommodate the swelling, your piercer may tell you to come back in a few weeks to switch it out to a shorter one!

  • A

    Hi Kayla!

    It is certainly possible to get pierced with a retainer, but it isn’t typically recommended. A retainer may complicate your healing time.

    This is definitely a question to ask a licensed piercer – they are qualified to give you safe and accurate medical information when it comes to healing up :)!


  • K

    I just have a question about the Monroe.
    Am I able to have a clear one for work? Or does that affect the healing process??

    Kayla on

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