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Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to show off all your best belly rings! We’ve assembled a few color coordinated examples to get your creative fashion juices flowing.
Here in this set we have; a classic black suit paired with stunning contrasting gold plated pieces, a Caribbean inspired suit matched with hues of blue that are reminiscent of dreamy ocean waters, and a festive patriotic suit perfect for the 4th or really anytime you’re feeling the spirit! Check out all of our patriotic belly rings here: and all of our 24kt gold plated bellies are here:

In our second set we have; a very feminine, almost pastel pink bikini, paired with sweet pink gems and a cute ice cream cone. The next is a fabulous white bikini that will really accentuate your tan, matched with a lovely opalescent belly and other gorgeous clear gems. The last is a real eye-catching set that mimics the colors of a sunset, paired with luscious and vivid purple hues. No matter what your swimwear choice is for the season, you’re sure to find a belly ring to match!

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