Body Jewelry Update: In the Mix with the Mad Hatter

by Lorna

Alice in Wonderland fashion

Tomorrow, October sixth, is Mad Hatter Day, a quirky unofficial holiday that celebrates Wonderland’s favorite eccentric tea party planner.  No matter what version of Alice’s classic fairytale you like best, the instant rapport between a whip-smart young traveler and her wacky but generous host can teach us all a little bit about friendship, and fashion.  If, for instance, you don’t want to be late for a very important date and there aren’t any white rabbits around to keep you in line, wearing your watch (or a number of its parts at least) is a great boost to your style and punctuality.  And it never hurts to brush up on your Victorian high tea etiquette.  This fun, Alice-approved jewelry will take care of the rest.

fun steampunk style body jewelry

by Lorna

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