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faking mods for Halloween

Many of our favorite characters and heroes have some type of body modification.  Whether it’s the pierced Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the sliced and stitched Sally, or a bustling buccaneer from our favorite pirate tale, piercings, tattoos, brands, and surgical mods are a huge part of what makes a costume extra special.  So if you don’t have mods, and you don’t want a new tattoo just to play your favorite leading heroine, how do you make sure your costume is believable?  Well it’s actually easier to fake it than you think.  Just check out what you can do:

favorite characters from books and movies(source: WGSN)

Temporary hair color, faux piercing rings, and easy temporary tattoos are exactly what you need.  Illusion rings come in multiple styles to accommodate a wide range of false piercings, including those that are smooth like a segment ring, have a ball to look like a BCR, and come with two or three “revolutions” attached, to fake the look of multiple piercings close together.

 faux hair color, piercings, and tattoos

You can even fake stretched lobes with some cheater plugs or tapers.  They go through your regular ear piercing and have extra large ends on both sides, faking the appearance of a 0 gauge stretched piercing.  Lots of styles even incorporate phony o-rings, completing the illusion of a regular plug.

 illusion rings and cheater plugs

So pick out your favorite dragon tattoo, get your septum and lip illusion rings ready, and have an awesomely modified Halloween.  You won’t believe how many people ask you if they’re real.

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