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hardcore punk fashion

The season of sweetness has passed us and the over-saturation of lovey dovey gush and fluff from Valentine’s Day is a mere memory (woohoo). Now is the time for metal and darkness, blackline body jewelry adorned with spikes and chains is the current trend of the moment. You can’t go on Pinterest, read a fashion blog, or watch a runway show without seeing this trend in action. You don’t have to be totally gloomy to dig it. Another adaptation of the style is using colored spikes, notably neons, Barbie pink, and silver. Studs, chains, and spikes can be edgy, slightly sweet, casual, or dressy depending on how you use them.

hot spiked body jewelry

Spikes and chains are not just for punk rock leather jackets anymore. They adorn everything from bracelets and necklaces, to nipple rings and belly rings. Shining metal additions have been popular in our ears, draped around our necks, filling our piercings, and around our wrists in the form of bracelets and cuffs. DIY fashionistas buy studs and spikes and artfully add them to clothing, accessories, and shoes. Denim and leather are classic tough-girl materials that look amazing when studded. Mix your metallics: combinations of pink, black, and silver spikes and studs create an edgy statement. I really love matte black and basic silver spike tipped jewelry for facial and body piercings. It looks amazing on women with very soft, feminine features especially, because it’s a good mix of soft and hard elements. The same goes for clothing and other accessories. Chains also add a dark / rock and roll appeal to ultra feminine pieces like hair bows, cute dresses, purses, anything floral, vintage items, or high heels. Jeffery Campbell shoes are some of the best examples of well used studs and spikes (you know the shoes, we have all pinned them at least once).

For a more romantic and worn appeal to this trend there is steampunk. Steampunk is a genre of science fiction fashion that features steam-powered machinery. The clothing/fashion style is based on Gothic Victorian elements mixed with a sort of Mad Max/Tank Girl post apocalyptic aesthetic. There are a lot of gears and chains. Goggles, monocles, and chains (oh my). Corsets, leather, decadent hats, and wonderfully elaborate dress characterize this sub-genre fashion faction.

fun and funky spiked and chained steampunk pieces

I love the current melting pot of style and genre that is happening right now in modern progressive youth culture. I think the alternative, gothic, steampunk, bohemian renaissance is upon us! Be fearless with fashion. Check out the BodyCandy Pinterest and make some boards on Polyvore for inspiration. Rock on my friends, rock on.

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