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Ready for a couple of modification stumpers to exercise the old noggin?  Answers are listed in the key below, but no peeking!  Here we go:

1. Name three piercings that are named after people.

 piercings named after people

2.  What Native American group formerly occupying the Pacific Northwest was named after a facial piercing.

 tribes named after piercings

Answer Key:

1. Amongst the most popular are the Erl (nose bridge piercing, named after character actor Erl van Aiken), the Madison (neck piercing, named after former adult film star Madison Stone), the Ashley (inverted vertical labret piercing), the Marley (upper lip frenulum piercing), and the Dahlia (named after the infamous Black Dahlia).

2. The Nez Perce Indians were “discovered” by explorers in the seventeen hundreds and named after their nose piercings, which were common amongst the tribe’s members.

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