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interchangeable tunnel tapers(source: WGSN)

You may have seen this amazing set of body jewelry pieces that transforms together from a taper to a regular tunnel or plug.  Like a lot of people, you might also be confused about how a piece of jewelry can convert from something like a straight taper to a completely different style that’s half the length.  Well once you take a good hard look at the pieces, guaranteed this will make more sense.  Here we go.

So basically, you get three pieces:

 three piece tunnel taper

And when those pieces are properly combined you get two different styles of jewelry.  For example, the pieces below screw together along a set of corresponding threading to make a standard tunnel.

 making a standard body jewelry tunnel

When you take them apart and use the first piece instead of the third in conjunction with piece number two, you get a straight taper.

 making a taper plug

The whole thing comes in pretty handy for those who are still in the process of stretching, as the taper can be pulled through the ear and then the large conical piece unscrewed and replaced with the smaller backing.  Pretty neat, huh?

interchangeable tunnel tapers


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