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As the 2012 year draws swiftly to a close, we look back on the trends of the past twelve months with a fresh perspective.  Here are just some of the awesome and interesting piercing and jewelry trends that caught our eye:

1. Vertical and Inverted Lip Piercings

vertical and inverted lip piercing jewelry

The vertical labret, the Ashley (inverted vertical labret), and the jestrum made giant fashion leaps in the 2012 year.  Part of the reason they’re so amazing?  The look of a piercing that actually goes through the flesh of the lip rather than just the skin surrounding it is pretty neat.

2. Rare Piercings

mandible, sub-clavicle and nasallang piercings

Body piercings that go through massive amounts of flesh or even penetrate the body cavity are bound to be rare, but it seems like 2012 was the year to experiment, and slowly but surely the numbers are beginning to rise.  Just take a look at the mandible piercing, sub-clavicle piercing, and nasallang.

3. BCR Belly Rings

captive ring style navel jewelry

Although it’s a bit more difficult in terms of fit and aftercare, the BCR belly piercing has made a major resurgence.  Guess we’ve all got a hankering for a little simple old school 90s flare.

4. Multiple Nose Piercings

combinations of multiple nasal piercings

The norm in past years was a single side of the nose being pierced just once, but throughout 2012 we started seeing more and more cute and quirky pierced up noses.  That includes everything from both nostrils, to multiple piercings on one side, and combos of nostril and septum piercingsToo sweet.

5. Hanger Style Plugs

hanger style plug body jewelry

Forget that regular old plug jewelry for stretched ears; 2012 has been all about more ornate and involved ear adornments, especially the “hanger plug.”  This term applies loosely to all low hanging or dangling styles, from the super spiral, to the broken heart, to the angel wing.

In retrospect, 2012 was an amazing year for jewelry, modification, and alternative fashion experimentation.  We can’t wait to see what’s headed our way in 2013!

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