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end of the world fashion frenzy

So, today may not really be the end of the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in a little post-apocalyptic fashion.  Afterall, it’s not every day that the human race can say we’ve actually managed to postpone Armageddon, right?

Eerie Aftereffects

 calm after the apocalypse

In the calm that follows a nuclear disaster, that eerie, radiation-infused and iridescent glow is the perfect companion to a pair of torn jeans.

 Iridescent Austrian Crystal Body Jewelry

Post-apocalyptic Beauty

 aftermath fashion

Metal mania tattoos, industrial jewelry, and a whole lot of brilliant color?  It must be time to party like it’s 2012!

Armed and Dangerous

 armed after the end of the world

You never know what’s out there in the aftershock wasteland, so it’s best to come to the party prepared.  Civilization is never too doomed to rock out like you’re armed and fabulous.

 embellished gun dangle jewelry


 unexplained apocalyptic events

When alien overlords come to execute their invasion, all things supernatural will finally be explained.  Let’s take bets on crop circles: extra-terrestrial or extra time on human hands?

29 Days Later

 zombie Armegeddon

It never hurts to have a backup plan, especially when it comes to the zombie apocalypse.  If you just can’t beat ’em, why not pretend to ideologically join ’em.  A little show of support can go a long way in preventing a certain set of brains from being eaten.

 undead belly button piercing jewelry

Future Punk

 industrial futuristic fashion

A few things that are likely to survive nuclear winter?  Metal, metal, metal, and metal.  That means rivets, studs, spikes and hoops are poised to become future fashion’s best friends.  Time to punk out.

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