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Get ready for one of the cuddliest holidays ever.  Today, is Hug Your Cat Day.

 celebrating Hug Your Cat Day

Okay, so it’s not as though we actually needed a holiday to remind us to hug our cats (I do it at least once a day, don’t you?), but you have to admit when something is awesome, and a holiday devoted solely to kitty cuddling is pretty awesome.  Cats are some of the most majestic and misunderstood animals of all time, and their presence in our lives has been engrained since the days of our ancient ancestors.

The Egyptians, one of the most modified civilizations of the ancient world, believed that cats were of a higher spiritual order, and often mourned their deaths as they would a human’s.  They even came to worship the cat-goddess Bastet, which led to common domestic cats sometimes being afforded the privilege of mummification.  Many cat and kitten mummies have been discovered all over Egypt, along with the ruins of whole temples dedicated to Bastet.

 ancient kitty connections

In modern times the cat has worn many faces too, as the familiar of witches, the guardian of the dead, the harbinger of luck (whether bad or good), the ultimate companion of “crazy cat ladies” everywhere, and so much more.  So along with some extra fuzzy snuggles today, don’t forget to show off your kitty cat love all year long. Me-ow.

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