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the modification generation and natural materials

It’s easy to see why the modified generations have spent the past few years falling in love with organic jewelry.  Not only are organic materials good for the health of piercings (particularly stretched piercings), but they’re also good for the planet, and that’s something that’s important to all of us.

In the age of massive industrial pollution, the younger generations are bringing new ideas and innovations to the forefront, including a revamped version of the old adage “reduce, reuse, recycle.”  Upcycling and DIY are a huge part of our social culture, and projects featuring any number of pre-existing elements are slowly beginning to find their niche in social media, thanks to photo blog sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest.

 do it yourself upcycling on social media

But how exactly are wooden or natural stone plugs that you buy more eco-friendly?  Well for starters, it doesn’t take a lot of chemical processing or fossil fuel usage to create them.  Both wood and stone can be carved by hand or through the application of specialized small machinery.  Secondly, their upkeep doesn’t require any chemicals or pollutants.  Rather than fancy chemical solutions, wood plugs can be polished with natural oils or plant waxes to boost their appearance and help keep them from becoming brittle.  And finally, when you’ve done all you can do with them and it’s time to dispose of them, both wood and stone can be either recycled at your local facility, or donated to local artists.  And if these type of items ever do end up in a landfill, they’ll gently break down over time without releasing harmful substances into the earth or groundwater.

 Urban Star Organics Plug Sets

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint?  Then try some of these unique natural stone plugs on for size.  Both the planet, and your fashionable lobes will thank you.

cool stone ear plug jewelry

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