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gifts for guys we love

For Dads Who Mean Business

gifts for dads who are business professionals

Dads who are business professionals probably already have enough ties, but they can always use other stylish accessories, like fun (but polished) money clips.  The money clip is definitely coming back into style, especially for guys who want to ditch the traditional “back-pocket-stuffed-with-wallet” look.  Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles, to fit with any dad’s unique personality.

cool cash holders

Cuff links are another throwback item that’s starting to come back into the mainstream, and they too can vary in size, shape, and style, making them a great way to showcase individuality without compromising professionalism.

cool suitcessories

For Dads Who Are Hip

for young dads who are up on trends

Hip, younger fathers are always fun to buy for, especially when piercings and tattoos are part of the equation.  For guys that are still down with youth trends, something a little more cool and a little less drool is definitely the order of the day.  Something like, maybe, a fun rock and roll kind of belt buckle.  Smokin’ dice, dart boards, and nautical stars are just the tip of the fashion iceberg when it comes accessorizing his fave weathered jeans.

fun casino style buckles

Stretching kits can also be an amazing gift, for guys who have already started stretching, and those who have just been pining over enlarged lobe piercings.  With tapers that take tiny jumps from 14 gauge all the way up to 00, they’ve got every size he’ll need to reach a sweet and comfortable stretch.

nine piece ear stretching taper kits

For Dads Who Are Active

sporty or outdoor exercise dads

Dads who do yoga, martial arts, or outdoor rock climbing might enjoy some fun and stylish accessories that fit with their active lifestyle.  That’s where these cool adjustable bracelets come in.  Shamballa style bracelets are based on traditional Buddhist prayer beads, making them the perfect companion for naturists, those who meditate, and guys who are just spiritually minded in general.  Plus, they look pretty neat too.

Shamballa styles meditation bracelets

Light-up plugs are another great option, particularly for dads who run, bike, or perform other sports-based exercise during the evening or early morning hours.  They can be worn unlit for a low-key look during the day, and then light up at night to add extra oomph to safety measures like reflective gear.  With a pair of lights to set things off, jogging in the dark becomes 0% worry, and 100% enjoyment.

electric light ear plugs

For more great gift ideas for dads, check out our licensed jewelry section, where you’ll find items from all of his favorite sports teams, superheros, and television series.  Happy shopping!

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