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SMALL Custom Body Jewelry CLOSER Pliers


SMALL Custom Body Jewelry CLOSER Pliers


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Five(5) Inch closing pliers, 410L Stainless Steel

Small Ring Closing Pliers 5 inch with Deep Grooves. Closes gap for 1/2" rings or smaller

This tool is good for jewelry 8g - 20g


1. Place nose of closing pliers onto sides of the captive ring.

2. Squeeze handles until the captive ring is held fast by the pliers and rests within the appropriate grooves.

3. Squeeze the handles gently until the captive closes just slightly and the captive bead connects. Be careful not to squeeze the captive too much or the piece may become damaged.

NOTE: These stainless steel captive ring closing pliers are for use with small diameter and small gauge rings. Protect rings with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the finish on your jewelry

Product: 2778