How to Properly Care for Your Body Jewelry

How to Properly Care for Your Body Jewelry

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 So you got pierced and you bought jewelry and you may be wondering – how do I care for my jewelry? I know how to properly care for my piercing, does my jewelry also need to be cared for differently? Simply put, yes. Body jewelry is a little different and requires different care.


If your jewelry is made acrylic, please DO NOT put rubbing/isopropyl alcohol on it. You will destroy it. Please don’t destroy your jewelry. Just clean it like it’s normal jewelry and keep the alcohol away.


Gems, Cubic Zirconia, or Sparkly Bits

These are best not soaked in water. If you plan on showering or swimming in this type of jewelry, dry it carefully and well. This will extend the life of your jewelry.


Wooden Jewelry

This pretty much only applies to plugs. Clean them with a microfiber cloth to keep them in good shape. You may want to oil them occasionally with the same type of body-safe oil you’d use to massage your earlobes with. Don’t get them wet, water dries out wood. Please do NOT use furniture polish on your plugs. You knew that, right?




Opals (genuine or synthetic) are quirky stones. Do not put harsh chemicals on them, do not wear them while swimming. Clean them gently with a mild soap and water. Faux opals can handle more but still should get gently dried if they get wet. (Consider them to be “sparkly bits” and treat as mentioned above.)



This mostly applies to plugs as well. Take them out regularly so your ears can breathe. Wash them with hot water and soap. That’s it.
Stone Jewelry – Same as silicone, really, excluding opal stones. Don’t put harsh cleansers on your stone jewelry.


Basically, Everything Else, Including Glass

Wash jewelry carefully in hot (NOT BOILING) water and antibacterial soap before drying well. That’s it! And please, the first time you get your jewelry, wash it before putting it in. Somewhere along the line between manufacturing and arriving at your home, someone somewhere touched that jewelry. Wash it. Don’t boil it, just wash it.


Don’t forget to dry your jewelry! Use a clean paper towel. That is all. Careful drying and using a gentle touch will prolong the life of your jewelry and keep it looking awesome.

     Body jewelry is similar to the standard kind in that it does require special care. The difference is all in the type of care required. It’s like reading the care label on new clothing as opposed to simply tossing it into the laundry with everything else and running it on high. If you love your jewelry, take a moment to see how to care for it properly. This way you can enjoy your lovely new addition for as long as possible. (And again, please do not put alcohol on acrylic.)

Happy piercing!