How to: Ear Curations

How to: Ear Curations

 Ear curation has grown into a major trend lately! For people with multiple ear piercings, this is a great way to put together a cohesive look for overall style instead of using individually selected jewelry over time and getting a more patchwork effect that may be less desirable. (Wait. Let’s go back. What is ear curation? It’s designing an overall look for your piercings and working towards that look. This can be simply selecting matching jewelry, or it can even go so far as to include pre-planning piercings to achieve the desired appearance. Now then.) While this is a service that many piercing studios offer, you can curate your own piercings for the look you’re after. But first, you need to pick a motif. Always the hardest part.


Curate by Theme

Are you crazy for cats? Do you find celestial images heavenly? Do skulls rock your world? If you have a particular thing, anything, that you are into then that makes an easy jumping-off point. With threadless jewelry becoming more and more available, there is a vast number of ends on the market with shapes ranging from the geometric, to animals, to gothic styles, to flowers. Just stay within the same family of items, such as different style flowers instead of mixing and matching concepts. Instant curation!



Curate by Color

Did you know that, except for black, titanium can be anodized into any color of the rainbow – including rainbow? Get glam with gold, rock a rose gold ear, put pink everywhere or go sleek and simple with gunmetal grey. If all the jewelry is the same tone of metal, you can mix and match styles and shapes with ease! Or splurge on 14kt gold jewelry for a more luxe variation! Mix white gold and yellow gold with abandon, or go all rose gold for a very modern update. You can even mix colors for a two-tone effect or rock ALL the colors for a very unique and eye-catching look that is sure to get noticed!



Curate by Holiday

This is always great fun for every holiday. You can mix and match any style or color so long as the jewelry is either specific to the holiday or matches the jewelry that does. (Three Halloween-themed cartilage studs will look great with an orange gem clicker ring, for example. Or Christmas-themed jewelry with a few green gem labrets.) This is an especially easy look to pull off with our bonus packs! Multiple pieces of jewelry selected with the same theme – it’s an instant curation all in one package. 



Curate by Stone Type

Get stoned on style when you use gems as your theme! An all-opal look is still super-hot and doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. Or be even more specific and use all one type of opal – blue, white, even fire opals make for a cohesive but fashion forward look. You can use cubic zirconias in different sizes or colors or semi-precious stones like rose quartz or tourmaline. Red cubic zirconias on black jewelry ALWAYS make an impact! And when you’re using the gem as your overall theme, you can continue to play with jewelry shapes and styles, as well as motifs. A flower with a blue gem will match a skull with a blue gem, so long as they’re the same shade of blue. This is a great option for people who don’t want to narrow things down too far or who like to change jewelry often. A row of clear cubic zirconias running up a chain of helix piercings in decreasing size is a look that always gets attention and never goes out of style.

     Not everyone likes to have an over-arching theme to their look but it’s impossible to deny that ear curation is definitely here to stay. If you’re thinking about updating your look or if you’re just starting out on your piercing jewelry and are looking for some direction, a little bit of advance planning can take your piercings from “wild” to “WOW!” Everyone plans what piercings they want, take some time to plan what you want to put in them so you can show them off to the best effect!

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