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Mystery Grab Bag of (3) Nose Rings


Mystery Grab Bag of (3) Nose Rings


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Product Details

    Reward your curiosity with a surprise mystery grab bag mix of 18 gauge and 20 gauge nose piercings. This set of nostril jewelry may include different gauges and styles of nose rings such as nose bones, hoops, L-shape, screws, fishtails (need to be bent to size) and some faux hoop rings with L-shape posts.

    These items will have a retail value between $24.99 and $35.99 or more for the entire nose ring grab bag.

    Want to pick out a nostril ring, but don't know what to get? This grab bag of nose rings or nose studs is perfect. This nose jewelry grab bag also makes an excellent gift for any nose piercing wearer; just remember the grab bag may contain multiple gauge sizes.

    Grab bags contain an assortment of items and are random.

    WHAT IS A GRAB BAG: Random items a person receives without knowing the contents. An assortment of miscellaneous items. A mixture of things that are not put together with any type of theme or style;  they are sporadically selected with no thought involved.

    This grab bag contains body jewelry that you would otherwise have to purchase at a much higher retail value. Grab bags contain an assortment of items and are random. Selections can vary and if purchasing more than 1 grab bag, we can not guarantee duplicate items will not be received.

    Product: GRAB-NOSE