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Hold Fast Ear Stretching Balm 15 Grams


Hold Fast Ear Stretching Balm 15 Grams


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Product Description

Hold Fast Ear Stretching Balm 15 Grams

Natural organic ear stretching balm, made in the USA. Your ears will thank you, when you use this ear stretching balm to assist in the healing and side effects associated with stretching your ears.

Many customers use it as a lubricant for stretching so it alleviates the pain and side affects a bit more. This balm is also great to be used to help maintain healthy lobes which may become dry from time to time.

Each Tin Contains .25 Ounces of Balm.

- Organic
- Paraben Free
- Contains No Chemicals
- Made With Natural and Plant-Based Ingredients
- 100% Made in the USA
- Created in a GMP Compliant Lab
- Produced in a Secure & Sterile Lab

Consists of the Following Natural Ingredients

Safflower Seed Oil
Jojoba Seed Oil
Carnauba Wax
Sweet Almond Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Cetearyl Alcohol
Sorbitan Sesquioleate
Cinnamon Leaf Oil
Murraya Koenigii leaf Oil
Sesame Seed Oil

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