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Grade 23 Titanium Green Flat Nose Bone

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Grade 23 Titanium Nose Ring Solid Titanium Body Jewelry is a must-have. Add our unique nose rings and body jewelry at wholesale prices to your collection today!


18 Gauge (1 mm), 1/4" (6 mm) Length, Grade 23 Solid Titanium

Grade 23 Surgical Titanium (Ti6AL4VELI)

Grade 23 Titanium is recognized for medical devices by organizational standards world wide, including the United States ASTM and the International Standards Organization.

Grade 23 Titanium is an internationally respected biocompatible material. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) has signified Grade 23 Titanium as an approved medial grade material for usage in heart valves, pacemakers and human body replacement parts. Grade 23 titanium has also been designated an 'F' prefix by the ASTM (F-136). This is the highest existing grade qualification for titanium.

18 Gauge Titanium Nose Ring Body Jewelry

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