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Body Jewelry RING OPENING Pliers - 5 Inch

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Body Jewelry RING OPENING Pliers -5 Inch

Opens ring to help in removing and inserting beads from captive rings.

Works best on rings from 1/4" to 5/8" in diameter,and up to 8 gauge in thickness


1. Place nose of opening pliers into the center of the captive ring.

2. Squeeze handles until the captive ring is held fast by the pliers and rests within the appropriate grooves.

3. Squeeze the handles gently until the captive opens just slightly and the captive bead comes loose. Be careful not to squeeze the captive too much or the piece may become damaged.

NOTE: These stainless steel captive ring opening pliers work best on rings from 1/4" to 3/4" in diameter,and up to 6 gauge in thickness. Using the proper size pliers will help to protect the jewelry as well as the pliers from unnecessary damage. Protect rings with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the finish on your jewelry

5" Ring Opening Plier with 3 Notches and Needle Nose, 410 ASTM Stainless Steel

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