Bioplast Ny Apple Red Belly Ring

Bioplast Ny Apple Red Belly Ring

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Product Description

Details and Materials

14 Gauge (1.6mm), 3/8" (10mm), Bioplast Flex Barbell, 5mm top ball / 8mm bottom ball

The Flexible Bioplast barbell is both comfortable and colorful.
Bioplast ½ conforms to all world wide standards on use of body jewelry materials. 

   *  Bioplast ½ is Biocompatible. 
   *  Bioplast ½ is flexible. 
   *  People pierced with Bioplast ½ have less swelling and infections. 
   *  The healing process with Bioplast ½ is faster than that of other
   *  No allergic reactions (no nickel)
   *  Bioplast ½ can be sterilized by autoclave (up to 121-�c. shaft only)  
   *  Bioplast ½ is one of the best materials for initial piercing.

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