16 Gauge Clear Gem Rose Gold Plated Royal Tiara Seamless Circular Ring

16 Gauge Clear Gem Rose Gold Plated Royal Tiara Seamless Circular Ring

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5/16" Rose Gold Plated Your Highness Tiara Seamless Circular Ring

Everyone will want to call you "your highness" while you wear this queenly tiara circular ring. This 16 gauge circular ring features a half paved crown of beautiful clear gems to form a tiara-inspired design along the bottom rim. Made with an adjustable 8mm rose gold plated over brass circular barbell, this septum piercing features a bendable bar for easy insertion. Simply give this nose ring a gentle twist, insert into piercing, and bend shut for a perfect fit!

Details and Materials

16 Gauge (1.2mm), 5/16" (8mm), Rose Gold Plated over Brass Circular Ring Introducing our Seamless Hoop Nose Rings, the epitome of convenience and style. These unique rings are designed without a bead or hinge, allowing for effortless insertion and removal. The ends of the rings gracefully bend away from each other, creating a convenient opening that can be threaded through your piercing. Once in place, simply push the ends back together to securely "close up" the ring. With our Seamless Hoop Nose Rings, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience without compromising on aesthetics. Upgrade your nose jewelry collection with these quick and easy-to-use rings that combine functionality with a sleek and fashionable design.

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