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16 Gauge 1/4" Bioplast Replacement Push-In Post

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16 Gauge (1.2mm) 1/4" (6mm), Flexible Bioplast

This bioplast replacement barbell can be used with any push in style labret, monroe, cartilage or tragus piercing that is 16 Gauge.

The Flexible Bioplast barbell is comfortable. BioplastG�� conforms to all world wide standards on use of body jewelry materials.

* BioplastG�� is Biocompatible.
* BioplastG�� is flexible.
* People pierced with BioplastG�� have less swelling and infections.
* The healing process with BioplastG�� is faster than that of other
* No allergic reactions (no nickel)
* BioplastG�� can be sterilized by autoclave (up to 121-�c. shaft only)
* BioplastG�� is one of the best materials for initial piercing.

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