Your Septum Questions Answered

Your Septum Questions Answered

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If you’ve ever thought about getting your nose pierced but don’t want to go with a conventional nostril piercing, you might want to consider a septum piercing instead. Piercing your septum is more visible than a nostril piercing because it goes through the tissue that divides your nostrils.  

Is septum piercing safe?

After you’ve found a safe and reputable piercer, the most important question people ask is whether septum piercings are safe to get. In most cases the answer is YES! If your anatomy has enough space a septum piercing should be safe for you. You should check with your piercer first if:

  • You’ve had plastic surgery that affects your septum
  • You’ve had severe or traumatic injury to the nose
  • Your anatomy is small or shaped in a way that doesn’t leave room

Your piercer will let you know whether a septum piercing is a good fit for you. There can be some side effects after your septum is pierced. Those include:

Infection – if you experience swelling, redness, bleeding, or excessive pain you should consult your piercer or a doctor.

Scarring – like any piercing, if you play with your new jewelry or pick at the piercing you can cause permanent scarring that may be more visible if you decide to stop wearing a septum ring.

Granulation tissue – sometimes, to heal what is essentially an open wound, your body overreacts to a new piercing and develops granulation tissue. This is a bump that forms on the site of the piercing that may look like scarring. 

Migration – if you don’t follow proper aftercare your septum piercing can move from its original location. This can lead to infection or a permanently misplaced piercing. Contact your piercer as soon as you notice signs of migration.


Can septum piercings cause a runny nose?

Many people ask if it’s normal to have a runny nose after you get your septum pierced and the answer is yes. While this doesn’t happen to everyone, it is a common response after the piercing is done to experience a runny nose as your body responds to the wound it’s working to heal. This symptom can last a few days to a week. If they last longer or are accompanied by a fever you should contact a doctor.