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 If you’re looking for a piercing that’s classic yet unique, you really can’t go wrong with the eyebrow piercing! It’s been around for ages but continues to evolve into new styles, so no matter what you’re looking for, there’s an eyebrow piercing that’s perfect for you. 


  First, we have the original, the classic, the vertical eyebrow piercing. This is usually done with a curved barbell, so there’s tons of jewelry options once this heals. Since all eyebrow piercings are technically surface piercings, this is one of the only surface piercings that uses a curved barbell as the standard jewelry. It’s done vertically, at any point along the eyebrow. You do need a fairly prominent brow ridge to make this anatomically possible, otherwise it will likely reject. 

A striking variation on the classic, the horizontal eyebrow piercing can look really stunning when performed properly! This is, like the name says, a horizontal piercing that is usually done along the outer curve of the eyebrow. Unlike a vertical eyebrow piercing, this one is best done with a surface bar – the staple-shaped piece of jewelry used for most surface piercings. This piercing can look truly amazing so long as it’s properly placed.

  A newer version of the eyebrow piercing has been popping up all over the internet. This would be the spiral eyebrow! While a normal piercing usually involves two holes, a spiral eyebrow would have four to six with spiral jewelry that winds through them. It’s similar in concept to having an industrial – multiple piercings that are connected by a single piece of jewelry. This requires an experienced piercer but is an absolute showstopper when done correctly! 

 Interested in an eyebrow piercing but don’t have the right anatomy for one? What about an anti-eyebrow? This piercing actually sits diagonally on the cheekbone, running more or less parallel to eyebrow. The anti-eyebrow is another surface piercing so care must be taken to prevent rejection, A variation on this would be something called a teardrop piercing. Instead of a two-point surface piercing, a single dermal implant is done at the outer corner of the eye. Microdermal implants are a single-point piercing, where the body of the jewelry is implanted under the skin by the piercer, with only the top end visible above the skin. Unfortunately, dermals do have a high rate of rejection and are often considered to be long-term temporary piercings. If you do decide to go this route, keep an eye on your piercing for signs of migration or rejection. 

Body piercing is an ever-evolving art form. Whether you’re interested in a traditional look or a newer spin on an old favorite, there’s something out there for you. Eyebrow piercings cover all the bases – from the traditional standard to a look that’s fresh and uncommon, an eyebrow piercing may have exactly what you’re looking for!

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