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Ever wonder what the stars say about your piercing personality?  Time to find out!  This month we feature the most well-balanced piercee in the zodiac: Libra.

Libra – September 23rd to October 22nd

Friendly and genuinely charming Libra isn’t usually one to follow body jewelry trends, but other jewelry wearers want to hang out with them anyways.  Subtlety makes Libra’s jewelry wardrobe well-balanced and practical, but that should never be mistaken for boring.  Pieces in this sign’s simple wooden jewelry box will stand the test of time.  Tone, patterns, interesting and artistic use of color, or a sweet, uncomplicated dangle here and there add the finishing touches.  Libra’s element is air, and as such many Libra’s find themselves drawn towards blues and soft pastels.

The sign’s stone is opal, which can be found naturally or made synthetically in a variety of colors for optimum transitional wear.  Some of the most popular opal items come in tones of Libra-like light blue and top some of the more common pieces of piercing jewelry like nose rings and belly rings.  Because Libras like life simple, they often have just a small collection of easy to care for piercings such as nose, ears, and navel, but because of their amiable nature they may find themselves getting multiple piercings or tattoos as a means of bonding with friends too.  You just never know!

Zodiac symbol: the scales

Lucky jewelry number for 2011: 4

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