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We all know that the best costumes for Halloween or any other costume party occasion are those that you look at and truly feel transported to the time period or situation being portrayed.  Whether it’s a fantastical fairy, a dark and brooding vampire, or Marie Antoinette after losing her head, the intricacies of all the little things can really help paint a picture and take a costume from average to awesome with minimal effort.  Just think accessories.

Even something as simple as ear piercings can add to the fun and flare of a costume.  just look at the industrial piercing.  You can wear blingy stars to be a rockstar, spirals or bolts to be Frankenstein (or his bride), interesting a-symmetrical waves to go as a flower child, gothic crosses to be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and simple monochrome pieces to add detail without drawing specific attention.  Every little bit helps, and keeping a theme running throughout your accessories will really add to the mystique.

For bare belly costumes, there’s any number of gothic, Victorian, antique, and elegant navel rings available that will give any look a little extra spark.  Just choose accordingly for a good blend with your costume, and the delicate and intricate nature of the jewelry will do the rest, especially if you should decide to dress as an exotic princess or a belly dancer.

Then there’s necklaces, which, because they are openly visible, are great at turning a ho-hum simple costume into a fashion piece that really speaks.  Style and length are a big factor here, but choosing a tribal necklace for example, can totally bring an African or Mayan inspired Costume to life.  Just don’t forget to go for materials that are in keeping with your theme or time period as well, like pewter and leather for medieval costumes, chains and keys for Victorian or Elizabethan, and interesting shapes and colors for modern.

By touching up your getup with some dazzling jewelry and accessories, your overall look will be cohesive, convincing, and may even turn a few heads.  Get ready for your costumed close-up.

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