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One of the most striking trends in body modification & piercing today is the balancing of facial and surface piercings for a perfectly symmetric look. 

Are you into this look? Look below & let us know!

Super sexy snakebites mirror the effects of this BC babe's pupils for a subtle, sexy look.

Surface piercing, s'il vous plaît?

Woman or man. Gems or surgical steel. Symmetric surface piercings are the ultimate adornment. 

The nose knows about symmetry, baby. Do you?

When you double the nostril piercings with sexy symmetry you draw the eye AND the mind.

I'm dying for this bindi-inspired piercing that is lined up with septum & lips for a classic, lovely look.

Stop staring if you can, but I doubt it. 

Last one is never least at Body Candy. 

Are you inspired by your own lovely hips the way this babe absolutely must be? Balance can be so beautiful!

Have a favorite photo or piercing from today's post? Comment below & let us know or post a pic so everyone can check it out!

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