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☽☾Celestial Bodies♦Black Cats♦Bats♦Astrology☽☾

★ Do dark corners filled with books and herbs, flowing skirts, and full moons light your fire?★

➜Check out a few tips, tricks, and items that will help keep your witchy woman side alive in any space anytime!

Nothing will connect you faster with your inner witchy ways than an inherent knowledge of nature and the lunar cycle.

Conjure up a little inspiration by incorporating astrological and nature charts with magical moon merch

from sites like Gypsy Warrior who will leave your spirit happy and your wallet empty.

You've GOT to get your crystals organized. (This makes my brain happy)

Click to check out the always pleasing aesthetic blog for witches!


Hanging herbs is a great way to store fresh supplies--

or you can embrace a more conventional post-growth storage style.



And always always always-books! (and a fancy reading nook!) Remember, no matter what century it is--

there has never been and never will be anything more dangerous and powerful than a babe with an education.


  • What is your favorite witchy movie, show, or character? (I have a not-so-secret love for the show Charmed--the Prue years)
  • Which character from The Craft is the most like you? Are you embracing your inner-Nancy right now??
  • Have any cool sites or tips and tricks for this look? Share with everyone and remember that we love pics!

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