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BodyCandy team member Troy decided to add to his growing piercing count with a septum piercing. We headed over to James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY to watch!

Money shot: 0:43

As with any piercing, step one is always to clean the area that's going to be pierced. Troy sits patiently as James finishes cleaning. James then feels out the perfect location on Troy's septum to pierce. They call that a sweet spot! James marks the spot, then uses a pair of clamps to help steady and correctly align the piercing. Troy takes a deep breath, and James pushes the needle through. A cork is applied to the sharp end of the needle just to prevent any accidental pokes. A few tears are always expected with septum piercings, but it's more reactive than emotive. James then inserts Troy's septum jewelry, a retainer that can easily be flipped up inside of the nostril at night to prevent the jewelry from catching on anything.

Healing Time: 4-8 weeks
Initial Jewelry: Septum Retainer

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