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I bet some of you are feeling the chill in the air that’s practically shouting, “I am Winter, HEAR ME ROAR!”

Some of you are probably like, “Ugh, really?  Can’t it be an endless Summer, just this once?  Snow is such a pain.  Christmas music? ALREADY?!  It’s not even December yet.”  Or you might be thinking to yourself how you really don’t wanna crawl out of your nice warm bed in the morning to warm up the car and shovel the driveway.  You hate snow….

Unless you’re like me, of course.

Winter is my absolute favorite season.  There’s so much Holiday cheer.  How can you not love the concepts of good will to all, blaring Christmas music in the car and singing along to every word, decorating for the Holidays, and winter sports?  Have you ever gone sledding on a crisp Winter day so you could come home, put on your warm pajamas, make hot cocoa and popcorn, and watch a good movie?  SUCH a great feeling.

But Winter wouldn’t be the same without the best part: SNOW!

Work up some excitement for the first snow this year.  Imagine the ground covered with a thick blanket of pure, white snow that glitters and sparkles. Millions of snow flakes combine to form one big lump of snow that many people see as dreadful, but have you ever taken the time to look at one individual snowflake?  Well, snowflakes are so unique that no two are alike.  Ever.  Crazy, huh?

If you don’t believe me, then see for yourself.  This Winter, take some time to build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or go sledding.  And while you’re doing so, take a close look at a few snowflakes.  I dare you.

Don’t have access to real snowflakes?  No problem.  You can still have a unique winter snowflake experience with jewelry.  There’s another dare for you.  ☺

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