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It’s no surprise that many trends in fashion and clothing worm their way into the realm of accessories, and eventually body jewelry.  Ombre coloring, yellow gold palettes, neon brights, and tattoo flash art are just some of the crossover trends that the 2011 year has given us, but the latest neat thing of the moment is easier and funner to wear and goes with literally any outfit.  It’s cool, it’s unisex: it’s plastic wrap.

Plastic wrap of course isn’t literal.  It’s the term coined by many fashion writers and designers to describe the trend of using clear acrylics, lucites, polyvinyl, and other materials  for a new and interesting look that’s perfectly neutral and amazingly transitional.  Clear elements have been incorporated lately into everything from outerwear and athletic wear, to shoes, jewelry, watches, and hair accessories, and the result is a magnificent style that matches everything it’s paired with while adding interest through texture.

In the body jewelry world, this means clear faceted cubic zirconia, acrylic universal items like BCRs and barbell styles with hints of glitter or planing, and earrings cut from clear lucite.  Clear captives worn in the lip, septum or cartilage complete any look in a fun yet sophisticated, never loud kind of way.  And the best part is that these materials are versatile enough to create a host of different options that keep clear from every being boring.

Clear: check.  Fun: check.  Comfortable: check.  Awesome?  Check it out.

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