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Valentine’s Day is on its way! Despite the stimulus that goes with every hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day gets special attention for being the one day a year where the non-romantic types are reminded to show their affection in extravagant and special ways. No matter if you’ll be romancing bae, or enjoying some Ben & Jerry’s with Bey (you better own that self-love, single ladies) – there’s no reason you shouldn’t treat your body to a little extra love.

Check out some of our picks for this Valentine’s Day!

Those of you who want to please yourself AND your special someone might be interested in our selection vibrating tongue rings. You know, just in case your plans include things the MPAA would definitely rate NC17.
Click here to check those bad girls out.

Nipple rings are known to increase sensitivity and pleasure… hello! If that’s not reason enough to deck them out for V-day, just remember “the girls” need love, too.

If you’re a little more on the reserved side with your piercings, but lingerie is still in your plans, show off some Valentine’s bling with a belly ring. Who doesn’t want an excuse to buy a cute new one anyway?

Have a significant other who’s clueless when it comes to gift giving?
Now you know where to send ’em!

Unsure what to give them?
Hey, we gave you the spark… it’s time to light their fire!

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