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Sensitivity to certain materials can detour people from wearing jewelry, and who wants that?!

When it comes to body piercing, it is especially important to know what your body reacts to. An allergic reaction can be as simple as a rash or itching, or as severe as blistering. Because your skin is ever changing throughout your life, it is possible you may develop a sensitivity at any time. Even if you’re uncertain and just want to play it safe, the following materials should keep you in the clear.

Bioplast contains NO METAL whatsoever! It can be heat sterilized and is safe for healing swollen or infected piercings. When it comes to hypoallergenic materials, this is your savior.

Solid titanium pieces with a Grade 23 or 5 are safe for those with jewelry allergies. Steer clear of anodized titanium, however, because these pieces are only plated with titanium, and will have a center made of other metals. Like bioplast, titanium can be heat sterilized, and is therefore safe for initial piercings.

Platinum jewelry is also excellent for piercings, however the material itself is rare and therefore comes with a higher price tag. If your sensitivity is mild, some Stainless Steel & 14K-18K Gold pieces may also be an option.

When in doubt, stick with titanium and bioplast!

  • A

    Hi Molly,

    We don’t have a list like that unfortunately… But if you check the APP website (association of professional piercers), you might have luck finding someone who can help you with your sensitivities.

    Oftentimes, titanium is just as inert as bioplast. If that’s an option, it is probably much easier to find a piercer who works with titanium as opposed to bioplast. Alternatively, you could provide the bioplast jewelry if your piercer is comfortable using it.

    Alley (Body Candy Team) on

  • M

    I can’t find a piercer in my area that uses or even knows about bioplast. Do you have a listing for piercers who use this in America? Preferably on the east cost?

    Molly on

  • J

    Hi Davina,

    The best option for sensitive skin would be a bioplast navel ring. :)

    Jodie (BodyCandy Team) on

  • D

    Hi, which navel ring would be best for sensitive skin?

    Thanks from Davina

    Davina on

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